Parent Coordination is a way to problem solve in a cost-effective manner.

Many parents continue to have disputes during or after the litigation ends. Without swift access to court, these individuals need a process to resolve the dispute in a quicker and less expensive manner.  One way to quickly resolve these disputes is to utilize the services of a Parent Coordinator.

Parent Coordinators (or “PCs”) are non-confidential, impartial individuals trained to assist parties resolve parenting conflicts outside of Court.  PCs are focused on resolving relatively minor issues or impasses that would not warrant court interventions.  Unlike counseling, which has the purpose of resolving underlying issues, or mediation, which seeks to reach a consensus, parent coordination focuses on a swift resolution and allowing parties to move forward.  PC’s have the authority to make these decisions, whereas mediation or counseling do not. Also, unlike the confidential process involved in mediation and counseling, PC’s have no duty of confidence to either party and can be called to testify at a hearing as an impartial witness to the parties’ conflicts and decision-making ability.

To serve as a PC, Laurie M. Wasserman was required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of specified training in addition to 60 hours of mediation training skills. Contact Laurie M. Wasserman, Parent Coordinator in Towson and Baltimore Maryland, for dispute resolution.

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