Child Support


Children have the absolute right to be financially supported by their parents. In Maryland, for parents with a combined annual income of $180,000 or less, the amount of child support that a parent needs to pay is determined based on a child support calculator. Child support amounts take into account each parent’s gross monthly income, the parental access schedule, health insurance, and extraordinary medical expenses for the child. It is presumed that the child support guidelines are correct and in the best interests of the children. If a parent believes that a different amount of child support should be paid, there is an opportunity to present evidence to the court.


For parents earning over $180,000 per year, child support is within the discretion of the court. The court will review each parent’s income, assets, debts, and spending to determine the appropriate amount of child support. As an experienced child support attorney, I will analyze each parent’s financial situation to determine the appropriate amount of child support, including the payment of child-related expenses.


Alimony/Spousal Support


Calculation of alimony (also called “spousal support”) awards can be complicated. There are different types of alimony.  Alimony pendente lite (alimony while the action is ongoing or “temporary alimony”) is awarded based on a need by one party and the other party’s ability to pay.  Post-divorce alimony is meant to help rehabilitate a spouse who has been out of the workforce or under-employed. Rehabilitative alimony is for a set period of time.  Indefinite alimony is awarded when a spouse cannot be rehabilitative and return to work, or the lifestyles between the spouses’ post-divorce would be unconscionably disparate.


In addition to handling initial support determinations, we represent clients in modifications of support, enforcement of support orders, collection of past-due support, and cases where one parent has purposefully impoverished him or herself to avoid a support obligation. 


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