A person can obtain an order of protection for themselves, or their children, in either the District or Circuit Courts. These orders are designed to protect a person from abuse, including an act that causes serious bodily harm, an act that places someone in fear of imminent serious bodily harm, assault, mental injury, and stalking.  The difference between the Peace and Protective Orders is the relationship between the two parties.  To be eligible for a Protective Order, there must be a family or sexual relationship.  For example, parties that share a child in common (whether or not they were ever married) are eligible a Protective Order.  However, neighbors who are not related are only eligible for a Peace Order.  


Whether you are filing for an Order or defending against an Order, it is important to have proper representation by your side. These hearings can have implications beyond just the Order of Protection. These matters often have overlap into criminal or Child Protective Service matters, your divorce/custody case, or even impact your employment.  

As an experienced Peace Order and Protective Order Lawyer in Baltimore, Towson, and Maryland, we zealously advocate for clients throughout this process.