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Child Custody Agreements: What To Do When Maryland Schools Reopen

For the Maryland public schools, the time has come for localities to decide whether it is safe for students to return to school. Governor Larry Hogan recently announced that all twenty-four public school systems in the state of Maryland met their benchmarks, indicating that it may be safe to reopen schools for in-person classes. Some private schools have already resumed in-person classes, and a select number of public schools are providing in-person classes for students who need it most.

As we discussed in a recent blog post, the COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly challenging for co-parents that are juggling custody agreements and the safety of their children. As most families have settled into online classes, they now face yet another challenge of what to do when schools inevitably reopen.

How to Handle Child Custody Agreements

Although parents anticipated that schools would reopen at some point, the decision to reopen as soon as November is a little unexpected. At Wasserman Family Law, we believe that co-parents should have custody schedules and agreements that outline what to do in the event of schools reopening and the possibility of them closing again with little notice. Many existing custody agreements and Orders did not plan for a pandemic. Our family law attorneys have been working with our clients to plan all possible outcomes and prepare for the uncertainty. With the right amount of planning and communication, co-parents can come together for the benefit of the children.

We recommend consulting with your family law attorney as soon as possible to establish COVID-19 protocols—especially in regards to schools. If you work with your attorney to make decisions now, you have a better chance of avoiding lengthy and expensive court battles.

What If My Ex and I Cannot Agree?

For co-parents that have difficulty making shared decisions for their children, we offer our Parent Coordination services. Parent Coordinators (or “PCs”) are non-confidential, impartial individuals trained to assist parties to resolve parenting conflicts outside of court, including decisions related to COVID-19. Parent Coordinators help resolve day-to-day disagreements between parents, focusing on swift resolutions and allowing both parents to move forward. Our office has been very busy helping parents navigate the new world of COVID-19 and parenting.

Parent Coordinators (PCs) must complete 100 hours of specialized training and continuing education to remain certified. The training involves learning how to minimize conflict and help parents come to a shared decision. To serve as a PC in the state of Maryland, Laurie M. Wasserman was required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of specified training in addition to 60 hours of mediation training skills. Laurie enjoys helping many families throughout the State of Maryland successfully resolve their disputes.

If you have questions about child custody agreements or Parent Coordination, please contact Laurie Wasserman at or 410-842-1070. The legal team at Wasserman Family Law is here to help guide and advocate for you.

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