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How Do I Adopt My Stepchild/Grandchild In Maryland?

Congratulations on deciding to adopt a child! Choosing to make a difference in a child’s life through adoption is a wonderful thing.

In the case of a stepparent adopting a stepchild, the biological parent must legally terminate his or her parental rights, while the other must consent to the adoption without terminating parental rights. If a grandparent is adopting a grandchild, both biological parents must legally terminate his or her parental rights. Lawyers will be needed for the adoptive parent, the birth parent and, in some instances, the minor child. The adults should also consider family counseling throughout the process, as adoption can have major effects on families and the children involved.

The adoption process involves extensive paperwork and the Court will not process an adoption until all of the steps have been followed. When the Judge is ready to grant the adoption, a special ceremony will be held at the Courthouse to celebrate the occasion. Friends and family are welcome to attend the ceremony, and pictures are encouraged.

As an experienced attorney in Maryland, I outline the typical steps in adoption and the timelines you should anticipate and compile complete and accurate documentation required to adopt a child.

If you have any questions about adoption in Maryland, please contact Wasserman Family Law at 410-842-1070 or We practice in jurisdictions throughout the State of Maryland.


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