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How Parent Coordination Can Resolve Disagreements About Your Children

When children are involved with a divorce, the disagreements often continue long after the case is legally resolved. For parents who struggle with resolving disagreements to make sound decisions, working with a trained Parent Coordinator (PC) can save considerable time, energy and legal fees.

What is Parent Coordination?

Parent Coordination is a form of dispute resolution where a trained PC helps the parents reach a shared decision for their children. PCs are trained to minimize the conflict that children are exposed to due to their parents’ unresolved differences.

PCs have parents meet regularly to attempt to resolve day-to-day issues as an

impartial party. The PC can assist with issues relating to extracurricular activities, improving communications, changes in schedules, and reimbursements. If the parents cannot reach a joint decision after good faith attempts to do so, then the PC can decide on their behalf. By retaining a PC, parents can work together in a more expedient way to support their children with their daily needs. This is a results-driven process meant to make sure that children have decisions made for them in an expeditious manner.

How do I Hire a Parent Coordinator?

If you are in a highly contentious relationship with your ex-spouse and would like the help of a parent coordinator, you can contact us at 410-842-1070 or Laurie Wasserman is a trained parent coordinator and would be happy to assist you.


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