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Laurie M. Wasserman Receives 2023 J. Earle Plumhoff Professionalism Award

Last month, Laurie M. Wasserman was selected by the Baltimore County Bar Association as the 2023 recipient of the prestigious J. Earle Plumhoff Professionalism Award! The award was announced at the BCBA Banquet on January 26, 2023 and will be presented on February 16, 2023 at the BCBA’s Stated Meeting.

Laurie M. Wasserman receives the J. Earle Plumhoff Professionalism Award

Awarded to one member per year, the Professionalism Award celebrates someone who has been a member of the BCBA for at least five years, has made significant contributions to BCBA activities, and has high marks for integrity, dignity, civility and principles recognized by the BCBA Code of Professionalism. Please join us in congratulating Laurie!

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