If you are contacting a family law attorney for the first time, your head is probably swimming with questions and concerns. We want to take some time to prepare you for what to expect at your first meeting with us.


To begin, most people we meet with likely have never hired a family law attorney. We understand that you are coming to us at a difficult time and that what you are telling us is intimate. We promise to treat what you tell us with the respect it deserves and to keep it confidential. We will not judge you. As your lawyer, we cannot change what happened before you came into our office.



One of the first things we will do is ask you to tell us your goals. Your answer helps us learn more about you, and sets the tone for our meeting and the advice we will give you. Then, we will ask questions to elicit important background information from you. We want to know about your family, your finances, and, if it is a divorce, what assets you have. It sometimes helps to have pay stubs, tax returns, or a list of your monthly expenses on hand for the meeting.



Next, we want to hear your story. We need you to be honest with us about what happened to bring you to the point where you feel you need to hire an attorney.  We are not here to pass judgment on you for what has happened before you came to meet with us. After hearing your story, we can then explain how Maryland law applies to the facts of your specific case. We can provide you with information explaining the process and what factors are considered in cases where there is a request for alimony, child support, or custody.  You are welcome to take notes during the meeting and, depending on the issues, we may provide you with resources to use as follow-up after our meeting. 



Once we understand your goals, your background, and your story, we can talk about a strategy for moving forward. We will give you multiple options to choose from, and we can weigh the pros and cons of each option. You can ask us a lot of questions. No question is silly, and we will answer all of your questions honestly. You are welcome to ask us about our experience and qualifications.


Finally, we will talk to you about what it will cost going forward. While we cannot provide you with a precise fee for the entire process, we will ensure that you understand and are kept apprised of billing throughout our work together.


Our goal for all first client meetings is that you leave with a better understanding of the law, process, strategy, and expenses. The purpose of the initial consultation is to alleviate some of the anxiety you have, allowing us to take on some of your burdens. Hiring a family law attorney is never a fun experience, but it does not have to be a terrible one either. Finding the right attorney sets the tone for your case and gets you one step closer to your goals.

Consultations with Laurie Wasserman are a flat fee of $400.00, consultations with Emily Koning are $325.00, and consultations with Steffani Langston are $300.00. Consultations typically take between 1-2 hours depending on the issue.


Our office accepts Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Discover credit cards, and checks, and money orders as payment. Payment is due at the time of the consultation.