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Excellent attorney

Laurie Wasserman is an outstanding advocate and negotiator for her clients. She is responsive, validating, sharp, efficient, and decisive. She covers all the bases and then some. Her professionalism is unparalleled

Baltimore County Client

Uncontested divorce

Laurie represented me with my uncontested divorce. She was knowledgeable, professional and easy to talk with. That's comforting when you're stressed out. She also kept me well informed throughout the process. I'm happy with the outcome and would definitely recommend her. Thank you Laurie!

Baltimore County Client


Laurie Wasserman is a superb attorney. I hired Laurie several years ago to help advocate for me and my children during a high-conflict divorce with complex custody issues. Laurie was kind and validating, and also demonstrated that she was an extremely skilled negotiator and a highly effective problem-solver. Laurie has the keen ability to assess a situation clearly, then come up with goals and solutions. Post-divorce, when I experienced ongoing custody challenges with my ex, I again turned to Laurie and her team, including Steffani Langston. Wasserman Law was completely dedicated to my case, guiding me through a lengthy, volatile and intricate custody modification case, which ultimately settled, thus again avoiding the expense and stress of litigation. I am so pleased with the outcome, which provides more safety, security and stability for my child. Laurie and her staff saw me at my worst, but didn't give up on me. Laurie is thorough, organized, professional, practical and strategic, and I feel so much better knowing she has my back.

Baltimore County Client

She Gets The Job Done

I hired Steffani in 2020 and she worked tirelessly on my case for almost two years. If I had a question to which she didn’t have the answer, she would research it, ask colleagues, and/or industry professionals in an attempt to get the answer. Steffani also gave great legal advice in order to move the case forward and help me make the best possible decisions. She was always available when I needed her and communicated with the other party wonderfully on my behalf. I will definitely refer her to friends and family.

Baltimore County Client

Exactly the lawyer I needed

I came to Laurie initially for consultation when I was not getting the experience and results I wanted from my first attorney. A few months later, I hired her. I needed someone who understood my situation (trying to get divorced from a high-conflict person without going to court) and how to get me what I wanted (a finalized divorce through mediation that maximized my ability to move forward with stability and safety for me and my kids). The best thing Laurie did for me was right off the bat she gave me a much-needed reality check on my situation and then she educated me about the strategy that worked for people in my situation. I never got that until that day (and I'd been trying to get divorced for 2 years by that point), and it changed everything. She gave me clear legal advice she could explain to me very effectively, she was patient when I needed help understanding the process, and she stayed very focused on the task at hand. Her firm's team is awesome - top notch quality work every time from paralegals and other staff; they are also simply kind people who seemed tuned into how hard it is to be someone getting divorced. Until I found Laurie, it had been hard for me to find an attorney in Baltimore who had updated, modernized knowledge and experience and approaches to divorce - most importantly for me that meant a lawyer who believed mediation can work with high-conflict people AND knew how to do it. That was the gamechanger for me. Laurie and her team maintained their focus and the quality of their work through every final little part of the process. Now that I'm on the other side I can confidently say I recommend Laurie Wasserman 100%.

Baltimore County Client

Prenuptial Agreement

Laurie was wonderful to work with and really took the time to walk me through every paragraph of the prenuptial agreement to make sure I understood and felt comfortable with everything. She was timely and thorough. Extremely personable and responsive, especially considering I reached out only a few weeks before my wedding. Highly recommend.

Baltimore City Client

Consistent, Confident, and Calm

Virginia is everything you need in a family lawyer. There wasn't one thing that she wasn't able to handle in one way or another and consistently went above and beyond for me during my case. Without her confidence in knowing how to handle every twist and turn I don't think I would have ended up in a positive situation. Her calm demeanor is an absolute godsend during family court issues that are often wrought with high emotions and she uses that to her advantage, as her ability to remain emotionally neutral when dealing with people outside of attorney-client privilege was invaluable. Virginia fights for you and what you want while also being a voice of reason in times when you need it most. I'll never forget what she helped me get through and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone going to family court.

Anne Arundel County Client

Non Contested

Thank you for handling my non contested divorce. The communications between myself and ex-wife were handled very professionally.

Baltimore County Client


I called to ask for help drafting a prenup and am very happy with the service. I was explained all the rights I would normally be entitled to without a prenup as well as what else I could request. I ended up getting more through the prenup than I originally thought I would and was extremely happy with the level of help I was given 10 out of 10 recommend.

Baltimore County Client

Steffani Langston is a child custody powerhouse!

I contacted Laurie Wasserman's office partway through my custody case and quickly scheduled a consultation with Steffani Langston. Steffani walked me through what to expect from the remainder of the case and made me feel secure from the first minute of conversation. Her confidence and calm demeanor kept me grounded when I felt overwhelmed. Steffani helped review years of text messages and determined what was pertinent to bring to trial. I cannot say enough good things about her attention to detail and courtroom presence. Steffani Langston and her team are the absolute best!

Baltimore County Client

Outstanding work


They do very good work & they take the time to listen & really help you through your case or problem I highly recommend them.

Baltimore County Client



Steffi Langston was very patient and helpful throughout the divorce process. I really appreciated her professional support.

Baltimore County Client

Recommendation for Steffani Langston and her Team


Steffani Langston was like a breath of fresh air to my Divorce. Our initial meeting everything that might happen was discussed, any questions that I might have had was quickly put to rest, if there were any delays in the process it wasn't on our end. I would recommend Steffani Langston and her team for any of your legal needs and feel confident it would be handled with the upmost efficiency and care.

Baltimore County Client

Very grateful


I was so nervous about the divorce process but Steffani was fantastic! She was so kind and worked with me every step of the way. I am so grateful for her patience and assistance.

Baltimore County Client

Highly Recommend

Steffani was extremely thorough and guided me through the process from the beginning. She was warm and friendly during consultation. I could tell she wanted the best for me, and she was going to do what was necessary. Once hired, she walked me through every step and made me feel comfortable with each new step. She made things very easy to understand and did not mind that I asked a million questions, even the same one multiple times.

Baltimore County Client

Thankful for Laurie's  legal expertise

I highly recommend the Laurie Wasserman law firm. I had a family law case focused on an alimony modification and very much appreciated their expertise in the law and the case precedence. Laurie and the rest of the law firm staff were very professional and easy to work with throughout the process. I feel that Laurie was able to help me achieve an outcome that was more favorable than I could have expected. Thank you

Baltimore County Client

Superior Service and Professionalism

Steffani handled my divorce with great care and professionalism. The office staff was very friendly and professional as well. They took great care of me.

Baltimore County Client

Supportive and Smart

Laurie and Steffi made this process bearable for me. It was a nearly two year process and they’re support has been unwavering. They stood up for me and made me stand up for myself too - more than just lawyers, they were really by my side when things got tough. The result was an divorce that got me nearly everything I asked for and some peace of mind. I couldn’t

Baltimore County Client

Hire this woman and her team

Laurie came highly recommended to me. She is your advocate and your guide. She made my divorce process as smooth and non-adversarial as possible, and stayed cool and calm, even when I wasn't.

Baltimore County Client

Divorce Case

Laurie and Steffi worked closely together and were very attentive and very discreet with my case. I would highly recommend them! I very much appreciated Steffi's supportive nature through this very difficult time.

Baltimore County Client

Warm and Professional

Laurie Wasserman and her colleague, Steffani Langston, helped me through my divorce. From the very first call through the final hearing, they were warm and professional. They responded to all of my calls and emails quickly and with thorough answers. I strongly recommend the Law of Office of Laurie Wasserman.

Baltimore County Client

Excellent Attorney

She came in mid-way through a case with difficult personalities and was able to significantly affect the case in a very positive way. Her team was thorough, timely and always on top of any last minute complexities. Laurie was level-headed, calm, organized and knowledgeable enough to handle everything thrown at her team. Her professionalism was consistently present throughout the case ensuring the correct processes were followed and ultimately leading to every court decision being in our favor. I can’t thank her and her team enough for the incredible legal support!

Anne Arundel County Client

First Class Legal Support

I would like to thank the legal team at the Wasserman firm, specifically Steffani Langston! I hired her to represent me during a difficult period of my life. She provided nothing less than outstanding legal support from the beginning to the end! She always made herself readily available to address my concerns and I highly recommend her services to ANYONE seeking a family law attorney!

Anne Arundel County Client

A true team!

I reached out to Laurie Wasserman and her team towards the beginning of 2021. She was so resourceful! I was able to articulate my goals. Moreover, her team guided me in the service I wanted completed. I would certainly recommend her firm to any one needing a family lawyer.

Anonymous Client

Phone a friend for the win, thank you Steffani Langston

I called Laurie for a friend, regarding a custody and divorce case, she referred the case to Steffani Langston in her office due to scheduling. Steffani did a fantastic job on short notice. My friend and her entire family called to thank me for getting them in touch with Steffani, and I would be happy to refer clients to her in the future. You can't go wrong with anyone from this office. They are professional, empathetic, and skilled attorneys.

Anne Arundel County Client

Absolutely Amazing is an understatement!

I was referred to Laurie Wasserman and hired her to represent me in my extremely difficult divorce and custody case. From day one, I was confident I had made the right choice. She and her team worked with me and advocated for me harder than I could have ever imagined. She has a vast knowledge of the law and she not only advised, but supported me throughout the most strenuous year and a half of my entire life. She is organized, professional, kind, understanding, and savvy. When we finally went to trial, I had the utmost confidence in Laurie, her team, and my case. She also made sure I was completely prepared for all possible scenarios. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, and I will be forever grateful for her hard work and dedication. I can honestly say that hiring Laurie to represent me was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and the outcome we were able to reach is the absolute best I could dream of for my family.

Baltimore County Client

Professional & Supportive

Laurie helped me through a difficult case with my ex-husband, and was extremely supportive and professional throughout the situation. She was always there for me with advice and guidance when I needed to make some hard decisions. I would highly recommend Laurie and her team; you won't be disappointed.

Baltimore County Client

Wish I'd hired them sooner!

I hired Steffani Langston from Laurie Wasserman's office for a consult to review my documents about a week before my divorce hearing. I suspected that I had received some colossally bad advice from a previous attorney, and wanted to make sure I had all the facts before my hearing. Steffani confirmed what I believed about my previous experience.

But I am so relieved that I met with Steffani. She walked me through all my documents line by line and explained everything, then pointed out where there were issues. She was a tremendous help in explaining how to resolve the issues, and what my rights were. She talked me through what to expect in the hearing, and how I should handle it. I felt completely prepared at the hearing, and was thrilled that I had resolved the remaining issues with the agreement in order to receive my divorce decree.

Steffani was absolutely wonderful, compassionate and kind. I can't thank her enough, and highly recommend the attorneys at Laurie Wasserman's firm. I wish I'd met with them first, and saved myself a lot of headaches and frustration. They are the best!

Baltimore County Client

Top Notch Experience

Laurie provided an exemplary service and experience through a traumatic and difficult custody process. They both made my options very clear and the steps needed to display the best circumstances for my hearing. They kept me updated on all aspects of the case and their office assistant, Briana, was very timely in providing any court notices or scheduling time with Laurie. Everyone I encountered at the office (i.e. Laurie, Stephanie, and Briana) were very personable and professional, which made me believe I was in good hands. Hopefully, I will never need their services again, but I would certainly use this law firm once more and highly recommend.

Baltimore City Client

Fierce, fearless, empathetic advocate

I've worked with Laurie quite a bit over the past couple of years as she helped me navigate a long custody challenge. Even when things have been really hard, I'm always confident knowing she has my back. She is well connected and respected throughout Baltimore County and is so knowledgeable about family law. She brings a unique mix of fearlessness, ferocity and empathy to her practice. She's always strong and decisive, but listens with true compassion. I recommend her without reservation to any family navigating challenging legal matters that wants to protect their children's best interest.

Baltimore County Client

Highly Recommend

During the consultation, Laurie walked me through options for my situation, next steps, there was no pressure to hire her, she just gave me all the information to decide if I was ready to proceed with divorce. After hiring Laurie, she worked through a lot of tumultuous issues including custody options for kids (alcoholic abuse involved) and division of premarital assets. I wanted to get divorced ASAP, she worked with my husbands lawyer to advocate for mediation. She thoroughly reviewed all documents and our settlement agreement and ensured I understood all aspects of the agreement. Laurie was always available to discuss updates to my case. Start to finish, I was divorced in 6 months thanks to Laurie’s guidance and help.

Baltimore County Client

Responsive, Knowledgeable, and Professional

Laurie and her group of attorneys were so wonderful to work with during my divorce. During the initial consultation, Laurie was very informative and compassionate. She gave many facts about the laws and process for divorce in Maryland, while also listening to my story fully. Even before I officially hired Laurie and her firm for my divorce, she would still promptly respond to my email questions and phone calls. Working with Laurie and her firm did not feel like just getting a service I was paying for; I felt that they truly did care about me and my case. Laurie and her attorneys were very responsive, very knowledgeable and informative, and extremely professional. They were always there when I had a question, and kept me completely updated on every step and form that was part of the process. I felt completely confident in their knowledge and abilities during the entire process.

Baltimore County Client

At the Top of Her Class

I did my research and Laurie's qualifications, awards, and word of mouth reputation were stellar. I hired Laurie for a difficult family situation involving a step-parent adoption and over stepping in-laws that were constantly dragging our family to court to seek out forced visitation. Laurie knows the law inside and out and is one of the sharpest legal minds in Maryland. Laurie was straight with me and my husband and went to bat for us. She truly cared about our case. You go to Laurie when you need someone you can trust to be efficient and effective, and when you want more than just your average attorney.

Howard County Client

A legal team that truly advocates for you


When you retain Laurie, you aren't just getting one lawyer, but a team of lawyers, paralegals, and clerical staff that work hard and collaboratively to make sure that you are fairly represented and that your issues are dealt with aggressively. I truly felt that she and her team listened carefully to my concerns and made my case as much of a priority to them as it was to me. After nearly two years of rotating through two other legal firms, with little to no progress, I finally found the Law Office of Laurie M. Wasserman and quickly discovered the difference between a firm that just adds you to their case files and a legal team that truly advocates for you. The Law Office of Laurie M. Wasserman is a true team that will do everything they can to get your case resolved in a civil and professional manner. I highly recommend that you don't look elsewhere for legal representation."

Baltimore County Client

Successful divorce proceedings

I met with Laurie initially to discuss options for separation and divorce given my personal circumstances. She provided insights and resources to help navigate the space. Then after consultation and additional research, I was able to successfully file for divorce while maintaining a secure environment for the children. Her staff was responsive and helpful throughout the process as well.

Howard County Client

Knowledgeable and quick

Laurie and Steffani did a wonderful job at helping me to sort through my marital separation agreement. They were very diligent about answering questions and providing guidance related to custody and child support, separation of assets and the overall general legalities surrounding a divorce. On top of being extremely knowledgeable, they helped me to work through the agreement and divorce hearing VERY quickly. I would highly recommend their firm.

Baltimore County Client

Professional and wonderful

Laurie and her team were amazing! Going through a divorce and COVID19 at the same time was extremely challenging, I was able to stay in contact through email and phone conversations and the team was always available if I had any questions or concerns. Highly recommended!

Baltimore County Client

Amazing in every way!

From something that started out as a complete nightmare to my life now being put back together -and improved in a lot of ways- I cannot thank everyone at Laurie Wasserman’s office enough. I hope no one has to go through what I did, but if they do I hope they can have the Laurie Wasserman team at their side to help them. Thank you guys for everything!

Baltimore County Client

Peace of mind

My ex-husband and I were at an impasse on a separation agreement. Once Laurie and her team stepped in, we were able to reach agreement and finalize the divorce. I received regular updates and clear instructions on what I needed to do. She made a difficult process much more manageable!

Baltimore County Client

Handled out-of-court

I retained Laurie's services for Divorce & Child Custody back in 2015. Not only did she sit down and take the time to get the big picture of what was going on in my life, she was direct and to the point about how she could help me. I contacted her again in 2019 to resolve issues regarding my ex's contempt of the Marriage Settlement Agreement and all went smoothly. Everything was handled out-of-court!

Harford County Client

Wonderful to work with 

Laurie helped us with a custody issue. She answered all our questions and responded to emails and phone calls quickly. Laurie and her team were wonderful to work with and I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Baltimore County Client

Put the kids first

Thank you so much for all your help. I wish I had you as a lawyer from the beginning because you have done so much for me and my kids in such a short time. You have given me a sense of hope because this has been a stressful thing in my life for a long time. All I wanted was to put the kids as priority. I thank you.

Baltimore County Client

Quick and easy

I expected a long and drawn out conversation about re-allocating my child support. Ms Wasserman stated the facts, punched the calculations, gave a couple of scenarios and...voila! problem was solved! Very good at making the process comprehensible!

Montgomery County Client

Great resource 

Laurie was a great resource for me! She helped me successfully navigate a very difficult, contested divorce. She was supportive and realistic and listened very well to ensure that our (my kids and my) best interested were represented.

Carroll County Client

Supportive and knowledgeable 

I was referred to Laurie through friends for a child support case. She is very thorough, detailed and very knowledgeable. She listens carefully and addressed all my questions and concerns. She made the whole process very seamless and stress-free for me and she was on top of everything. Five stars!!!!

Prince George's County Client

Excellent advocate

Laurie and her team were exactly what we needed, when we needed it. After first working with a different attorney, my partner and I were a bit discouraged at the height of a visitation and custody battle. After doing some research, we sent an inquiry through Laurie's website and was immediately contacted by her via phone. Laurie was as passionate about the case as we were, and was determined to resolve the issues we were facing. Not only was she eager to fight for what we wanted, but she was also logical, rational, and highly competent – all things you need your attorney to be. I very much hope to not have to seek out Laurie's services again in the future, but look forward to recommending her to all that I can.

Baltimore County Client

Laurie is the best in her field

Laurie represented me in my family law case and I have to say her support and excellent legal skills are unparalleled. Laurie knew what mattered to me and I never had to question whether she was putting in all of her efforts towards succeeding in our case. Going through such a difficult, anxiety-wridden time; I don’t know how I could’ve done it without her. Laurie Is just the right balance of fierce and compassionate . I never had to second guess whether she had my and my child’s best interests at heart. Laurie knows what she’s doing and you can rest assured she is the top in her field. Even when dealing with agressive opposition; Laurie carries herself with grace, firmness and intellect. My confidence in Laurie is unwavering and i would recommend her (and have) to anyone who is looking for the best. Because, as most would agree, when a case involves the most important thing in your life, your family, your children, nothing but the best will suffice.

Baltimore County Client

AMAZING attorney!

Laurie was Fantastic! She always let me know what to expect, gave me all of my options, advised me, and ultimately settled my divorce out of court. She was super supportive along the way, even when I was at my worst. I would retain her in a second again if needed!

Baltimore County Client

Best outcome possible

Laurie is great, very personable and very helpful. She remembered all the fine details of our case and was on top of everything to get us the best outcome she possibly could. She's amazing! I would recommend her to anyone.

Harford County Client

Made stressful process a lot smoother for everyone

Absolutely fantastic. Not sure where to begin but Laurie has made a stressful process into something that I’ve been able to now view from different angles and knowing I have her knowledge and support in court and when I need it most has been key to a much less stressful day and the absolute gift and honor of being in my child’s life. Thank you, Laurie.

Baltimore County Client

Wonderful People!

I could not be happier with my experience with Laurie and her team. Shout out to Steffani for her help too! They were professional, kind and always on top of things. A huge thank you to them!

Baltimore County Client

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